Internal hemorrhoids with DGHAL

Internal hemorrhoids are dilated veins of the venous plexus of the rectal mucosa. If the veins affected are located at the upper plexus are called internal hemorrhoids that are located above the anal canal and are covered by mucouse membrane. If you are suffering from internal hemorrhoids or want to prevent the occurrence of internal hemorrhoids it is suggested that you follow a diet high in fiber and balanced.

High intake of fiber and fluids helps improve many mild cases of internal hemorrhoids and prevent them. The veins of the lower venous plexus are situated below the anorectal junction and covered by outer skin.

The drainage system of this zone lacks of valves and for this reason the sexual erection of men, rises the pressure inside the hemorrhoid veins and thus predisposes hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids usually do not cause pain, and bleeding are presented in the stool ( feces ). However prolapsed internal hemorrhoids cause anal pain with spasms, and pain is relieved by reducing the internal hemorrhoids.

The latter can lead to external hemorroids, which are very painful. Internal hemorrhoids involve the veins of the rectum. Generally, internal hemorrhoids are not painful, but may bleed painlessly.

The innovative technique DGHAL features the latest developments , gives us the opportunity to eliminate external hemorrodies permanently.

Dr. Wafik Al-Wattar, DGHAL pioneered the technique in Spain for hemorrhoids since 1995 with hundreds of patients successfully operated. (more of 800 til the year 2013).

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