External hemorrhoids

External Hemorrhoids are dilated veins of the venous plexus of the lining of the rectum or anus.

Affecting both men and women and usually to people between 20 and 70 years old. External hemorrhoids appear as small bumps, covered with skin, protruding at defecation.

External hemorrhoids are prone to the formation also of blood clots that can cause thrombosis which is known as thrombosed hemorrhoids or thrombosed hemorrhoid.

  • Symptoms: The main symptom of external hemorrhoids is bright red blood in the stool, on toilet paper or in the toilet. The pain is quite painful and insistent . Also you can experience itching, burning, swelling or inflammation. The most obvious sign of an external hemorrhoid is the color. Thrombosed external hemorrhoids develop a dark tint red, dark purple or blue.
  • Causes: In addition to hereditary factors, the major causes of hemorrhoids and constipation are usually bad habits when defecating (much pressure).

The innovative technique DGHAL features and the latest developments, gives us the opportunity to permanently eliminate external hemorrods. Dr. Wafik Al- Wattar, DGHAL pioneered the technique for hemorrhoids in Spain since 1995 with hundreds of patients successfully operated. ( more of 800 till year 2013 ).

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