Prostate card

Today's circumstances, where malignant pathologies appear in both men and women, force us to give the prevention and control of these the greatest importance.

The pathology that concerns us is that of PROSTATE diseases, very common in men between 50 and 80 years old. In Spain alone, there are more than 400,000 patients affected by some prostate malady, and each year, studies show an increase of 8,000 new diagnosed cases.

The urgency and worrying nature of these figures moved me to put into practice the creation of an element to combine the medical information necessary for its detection, and detailed medical control of its possible existence, by incorporating a schedule of periodic checks and of all the tests and explorations performed within the preventive programme.

The PROSTATE CARD has been registered since 1996 with the number P 9601623.

With a pleasant, practical format, it folds out into three parts to provide greater clarity when seeking any piece of information. It is printed in colour on quality cardboard. It appears in the following languages:

Spanish, Catalan, English, and Arabic. A transparent plastic protective sleeve is also included.

Dr. Wafik Al-Wattar

The prostate card contains basic information on the characteristics of the prostate, and provides information on the symptoms which indicate problems with this gland.

We have designed the prostate card with various spaces in white to be completed with the information and results of the checks of each of its patients.

The aim of this card is to inform all patients about prostate problems and educate the male population on the need for periodic prostate checks.