Is it curable?

The prostate is curable

The natural preventive and prophylactic treatment of the prostate

We recommend

•  Alternate cold and hot water sitz (seated) baths.

•  Sitz baths with thyme steam and bicarbonate.

•  Moderate walking.

•  Controlling the frequency of masturbation and excess coitus interruptus (withdrawal) in the sexual relationship.

•  Preparing an infusion of these two herbs: Bruyere (Heather) mixed with Hamamelis (Witch Hazel).

•  Preparing a Herbensurina infusion.

•  The first-choice herbaceous medicinal treatment is the phytosterol compound of prunus herborea / pygeum africanum Tebetane Compound, 2 every 12 hours).

•  Infusion of birch leaves.

•  Food

•  Marrow seeds, drinking apple vinegar weakened with water.

•  Taking ZINC pills in sweetened zinc form. 50 mg every 12 hours. Curiously, the prostate is the only organ of the human body where zinc is produced.

•  Zinc mixed with ginseng has extraordinary effects in the treatment of sexual impotency.

•  Foods enriched with zinc are: meat, liver, fish, oysters, beer ferment, marrow seeds and eggs.

•  Eating courgette, parsley, radish, pears, cucumber, turnip, melon, lettuce, celery, watercress, fennel and dandelion.

•  Oriental fenugreek and carob essences.

•  Natural fruit juices which reduce inflammation of the prostate:

a) Carrot juice 200, lettuce 150 and asparagus 150.

b) Carrot 200, beetroot 200 and cucumber 100.

c) Carrot 150, spinach 200 and 2 spoonfuls of onion

We discourage

•  Hot and spicy foods.

•  Constipation.

•  Excess sexual intercourse.

•  Excess coffee, alcohol, especially beer, and tobacco.

•  Packaged juices, due to their preservative content.

•  Long journeys.

•  Continual cycling or horse-riding.


•  All the herbs and plants can be purchased in any chemist's or health food shop.

The oriental essences are imported.